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10 Tips to Make Moving with Family Pets Easier

When a move is in the works, pets don’t have to pack, change their mailing address, register the kids at a new school district, or choose a great moving company like Frontrunner. That’s why when you’re relocating, it’s important to do all the above and then tackle a few additional tasks for your pets to make the move less stressful and healthier for everyone.

Here are a few pet-friendly tips to put on your moving checklist:

Contact your veterinarian: It’s important to touch base with your vet a few weeks before a move, especially if you’re headed out of the area. Here’s what you should cover:

  • Make sure vaccinations are up-to-date and get a current rabies vaccination certificate.
  • Fill any prescriptions pets need for the move.
  • Get copies of medical records and ask your current vet if they can recommend a veterinary practice at your new address.
  • Ask about additional tests or vaccinations that may be required in another locality.

Stick to your routine: While you’re packing and the house is a little upside down, be aware that this change impacts your pets. Everyone with a dog or cat knows they are on a schedule. Keep their anxiety in check by sticking to their regular feeding times, don’t skip walks or playtime, and give them some extra attention. Spending time with them will help reduce your stress level too.

Pack pet necessities: For moving day, pack a travel box with essentials including, food, treats, water bowl, medications, grooming supplies, toys, leash and collar, poop bags for walks etc. Make sure the box is easy to find so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Stock up on chew toys: When dogs get anxious, they like to chew on just about anything. Make sure your furry friend has plenty of chew toys, so they won’t be tempted by bubble wrap, boxes, or dangerous items like electrical cords. Try to keep the house clutter free when packing to reduce the chances that the dog will get ahold of something.

Keep pets busy, tired out: While you’re packing, and especially on moving day, set aside time to play with and exercise pets. This helps them beat stress and burn off anxious energy – it’s good for you as well. If things are too crazy, ask a friend to take pets for a walk or schedule an outdoor playdate. When pets get the attention they need, especially dogs, they are much happier and easier to handle.

Get the right pet carrier: If your move includes a long trip in a vehicle, take some time to find the right carrier for your pet. The main thing to consider is size. The one you’ve been using for short trips to the vet or park might be too small for a long ride. Also, remember to secure the carrier with your vehicle’s seat belt to keep your pet safe.

Find a safe spot for pets to hang out: A house that’s full of boxes with strangers going in and out makes pets anxious. They may try to run out of an open door, hide, or even nip at someone. Putting them in a quieter part of the house such as an empty bedroom or bathroom with their blanket, toys, and food will help calm them down. This also ensures pets are out of the way, so they don’t create a trip hazard for the movers or cause a distraction.

Research local laws: Research your new location to check on leash laws, licensing requirements, and regulations that may apply to your pet. For exotic pets, there may be some stringent regulations you need to know. When you need to license a dog in a new municipality, you’ll likely need vet records that show rabies vaccination status and whether a pet has been spayed or neutered.

Check accommodations for the trip: If it’s a long drive to your new home, plan ahead for pet-friendly accommodations. When you book don’t assume all pets are welcome. Some places may have size limitations for dogs or turn away pets that are out of the ordinary such as snakes, reptiles, or birds. Call directly to make sure you and your pets will be welcomed.

Update tags, microchip information: Change your dog’s ID tags so they have your new contact information. If your pet has a microchip, make sure to update those details or when a dog is lost any scans by vets or animal control officers will show your previous address.

Frontrunner Moving provides top-notch relocation services for families in Upstate New York and their pets. Our crew are animal lovers so we’re happy to work (and play) with furry family members at your home. To get more information and a free quote on how we can make your move a great one, contact us today at (518) 832-0310.