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5 Tips for Moving with Kids

Packing and moving into a new home is challenging enough, but try doing it with a family and it can seem downright impossible. If you’ve never moved with kids, you’re probably feeling a little anxious, but the good news is we’ve helped many families move from Saratoga, Queensbury and Glens Falls over the years, and everyone survives! Here are a few tips to keep you and your kids safe and sane during a move.

  1. Maintain your routine. Children rely on stability and routine for their comfort and well-being. To help ease the stress of packing and a new home, try to maintain your regular schedule for eating, naps and bed times. This goes for you as parents, too. Skipping meals or failing to get enough sleep will stress you out more, leaving you with less patience to deal with a needy child or the inevitable tantrum.
  2. Pack while the kids are asleep. Since the best time to pack is during naps and bedtime, you’ll want to start weeks in advance of your moving day. Trust us, this is much easier than trying to pack while your toddler is diligently removing each item from the box. You’ll also save your older children the anxiety of seeing their belongings boxed up. In fact, your child’s room should be the last thing you pack, and among the first things you set up at the new place.
  3. Plan for a proper good-bye. Leaving your home, neighborhood and friends is emotional, and it’s equally taxing on children. If you’re moving out-of-town, consider hosting a going away party so that your children have a chance to say good-bye to friends. If a playdate at your new home will be possible once you’re settled, remind them of that. Plan to have one last meal at your family’s favorite restaurant and visit any parks or other special places you frequented to create a sense of closure.
  4. Consider getting a sitter. During the actual move, it’s a good idea to get your children out of the house. With all the unfamiliar sounds and people coming and going, even the most well-behaved kids can become unraveled. Alternatively, some children become clingy, making it hard for you to get anything accomplished. If you don’t have friends, family or a trusted babysitter that can watch your child for the day, download a few kid-friendly games for your tablet or play a movie on your laptop to keep your child occupied and out of harm’s way.
  5. Arrange for a few new and exciting surprises. A gift-wrapped toy, new coloring books and crayons, or that game they’ve been asking for, is the perfect way to keep kids entertained in the car ride, or at your new home while you’re busy unpacking. You’ll also want to pack plenty of drinks and snacks, maybe even include a few treats that would normally be considered contraband in your house. While healthy eating is important, junk food can work wonders during a meltdown emergency.

More Tips for Moving with Kids

Moving is always going to be a bit more hectic when children are involved. One of the best things you can do to ease the stress of relocating with kids is to hire professional movers.

Frontrunner Moving Company offers packing and moving services in Saratoga, Queensbury, Glens Falls and the surrounding area, and we have years of experience moving families with children of all ages. By allowing our professionals to pack and move your belongings, you can focus on making sure your kids are safe and comfortable during the move.

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