Heavy Moves in the Capital District

Moving Heavy, Oversized And Awkward Items

Frontrunner Moving Company has moved the heaviest, most awkward pieces of furniture. It is imperative that if you have the listed items that you hire a professional. A “heavy item” is typically something that weighs more than 250 pounds.

Some of the methods we use to safely move awkward items are sliders, moving blankets, hand trucks, and furniture straps.


Pianos are a difficult move due to the bulky nature and heavy weight of the item. Moving a piano down a flight of stairs or navigating it through tight spaces often calls for a professional. Frontrunner Moving Company has successfully moved countless pianos.

Wood Stoves

These are among the heaviest items we move and the last one we tackled was a whopping 495 pounds! The weight of wood stoves makes them tricky to move without damaging floors, stairs, doorways, and anything else that gets in the way. Frontrunner’s crew has the proper tools and bracing to handle your wood stove safely. We can efficiently relocate wood stoves to new homes or even move them between fireplaces in your house without leaving a trace.

hyperbaric chamber

Hyperbaric Chamber

It’s not every day that we move this type of item. This hyperbaric chamber checked all the boxes when it comes to moving a heavy, awkward, oversized item that’s also fragile. Getting this 800-pound monster to its new home in Clifton Park was a challenge. Our crew used our experience and a lot of creativity to get this job done. If you have an unusual item that needs to be moved, contact us at Frontrunner to learn how we can make it happen.

Pool Tables

In many cases when people are moving to a new home, the pool table is considered too difficult to deal with and is simply left behind. At Frontrunner, we have years of expertise in breaking down, moving, and reassembling pool tables so you can enjoy your table at the new house. Because pool tables are extremely heavy, bulky, and the slate can break easily if it’s not handled properly, we strongly recommend using professionals. We’ve got the proper tools and know-how to make sure a pool table move doesn’t put you behind the eight-ball.

moving an elliptical

Fitness Equipment

Moving home gym equipment can be an exercise in frustration. Fitness equipment can be oversized, heavy, and is often made up of cables and wires that make disassembling and then putting them back together difficult. Frontrunner’s crew can break down your home gym and make sure it’s moved and set back up safely in the new location. We won’t give you an excuse to miss your next workout.

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