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Moving During the Winter Months

Are you moving this winter? Tips for dealing with the weather in the Capital District

Tell anyone that you’re planning a move when there’s a chance of snow and you’ll probably get a look of disbelief quickly followed by a reason why they’re busy and can’t help you out. At Frontrunner not only are we ready to help you move in any season, but we also know how to make that wintertime move easier and less stressful for you and your family.

Be flexible: Winter weather is unpredictable so even the most organized moving plans can go sideways if there’s a storm that prompts a change in your moving date. But the biggest benefit of a winter move is that moving companies in the Capital District aren’t as busy at this time of year. At Frontrunner, we can always pivot to accommodate unforeseen circumstances, but in the winter our schedule tends to be more flexible.

Pack with cold weather in mind: Glassware, dishware, and other fragile items can become brittle in cold weather making them more prone to breakage. Electronics are also susceptible to damage from cold weather. Double wrapping everything and using padding such as bubble wrap can keep your belongings safe. If packing for a move isn’t something you want to tackle,
Frontrunner can provide that service and ensure everything makes the move securely.

Take advantage of storage options: If you have a winter move on the schedule, sometimes it
makes sense to get a head start by packing early and putting items in a storage facility. This can make the packing process and moving day much easier. Frontrunner Moving has a storage facility that can easily accommodate your items and we can coordinate the move to make sure all your belongings are delivered on the same day.

Cover and protect floors: On moving day there’s going to be plenty of traffic in and out of the
home. Everything winter weather has created from water to snow and even dirt can get tracked into the house. Many people lay down plastic sheeting to prevent floors from getting stained, scratched, or soiled. Frontrunner’s expert moving crews use rug-runners to protect your floor surfaces. These are a roll of thin carpet laid out over floors that creates a path for movers to walk without damaging your floors.

No matter what season it is, Frontrunner Moving is the company you want to choose when it’s time to move. Whether it’s a local move in Saratoga, Clifton Park, or Queensbury, or across the country our experienced staff is dedicated to making your move to a new residence seamless. Contact us today for a free estimate.

We offer Winter Moving Services in Saratoga, Queensbury, Glens Falls & Beyond!

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