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Stress-Free Moves for Seniors in the Capital Region

The moving process is stressful for everyone. But for seniors, handling all the tasks that need to happen during a move can be even more overwhelming. That’s why our crew at Frontrunner takes extra care to make sure our senior clients get the support they need to get through the entire relocation process smoothly.

Here are some tips to make senior moves seamless:

Ask for Help: At Frontrunner, our friendly staff is here to answer questions and make sure seniors feel like they have a reliable partner to help them through the moving process. We can handle the details and work with the whole family to ensure a successful move. Frontrunner has the resources and services to handle every aspect of the process, so our support is there when seniors need it – Just Ask! We’re here to help.

Put Together a ‘Go Bag’: Moving days can be chaotic so it’s important to have a ‘Go Bag’ that has the essentials seniors need to have easy access to. It should include personal items such as medications, change of clothes, toiletries, eyeglasses, and documentation related to the move. Time spent looking for these items during a move only adds to the stress level so keep the bag in a place where it’s easy to find like the car. Trust us on this one – the Frontrunner crew has done extensive searches for all sorts of things on moving day.

Be Patient: Moving is difficult and it’s especially hard on seniors who have spent decades in a home and are feeling like their world is a little upside down. Our staff is sympathetic to how going through a major life change can impact people. We know from experience that patience and understanding during the move make things much less stressful for seniors and the crew. Remember we’re working together and it’s Frontrunner’s job to get you and your belongings to your new home with as little drama as possible.

Say Goodbye to the Junk: When seniors move it’s no surprise that they almost always need to clean house a little. At Frontrunner, we’ve helped clients make the right decision about the plaid couch that’s been in the basement since the 1980s and the stuff in the garage that’s “still good.” Our crew helps seniors efficiently downsize so the move is more streamlined, and the new home really is a fresh start.

Packing Procrastination: As seniors go through their belongings to pack for a move, it’s easy to get sidetracked with items that are sentimental or things that they can’t decide what to do with. At Frontrunner, our staff are a bunch of soft-hearted people, but we are laser-focused when it comes to packing. We can take on the packing job for seniors and ensure everything is expertly boxed, organized, and labeled. This pays off at the new home as it makes things much easier to unpack because you won’t find a kitchen blender in with the summer clothes.

Accurate Estimates: Knowing what it costs for a move is important for everyone. But seniors who we work with get the added security of knowing Frontrunner’s estimates are on target and don’t have any hidden costs or gimmicky add-ons that increase the price of a move. Our quote is the bottom line and we stand behind our price with quality services.

If you’re a senior or have a relative or friend who is moving, make sure to contact us at Frontrunner to find out more about how we can provide relocation services that will make the process easier and stress free.

At Frontrunner, we’ve helped seniors across the Capital Region and North Country make stress free moves by providing top-of-the-line relocation and customer service. Contact us today at (518) 832-0310 to learn more about how we can ensure your next moving experience is a great one.