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Make Your Next Move Smoother with Our Expert Tips

moving boxMoving can be stressful. There’s a lot to organize and prepare for at both your current home and new address so it’s easy for things to get chaotic. But with a few tips and simple planning, you can stay a little more in control of the move.

At Frontrunner, our mission is to make the whole moving process easier for our customers. Based on our experience, here are some tips on preparing, packing, and setting yourself up for success when it’s time to pull up your roots and make a move.

Clean House: Packing is easier when there’s less stuff so take the opportunity a move presents to do some serious housecleaning. Make a pile of old clothes, collect books, and set aside stuff that’s gathering dust in the basement or garage before you pack the first box. Donate, recycle, and get rid of those unused items. If you need help purging the old stuff, contact Frontrunner to learn about our junk removal service. We can handle all kinds of items, freeing you up to focus on other important aspects of your move.

Keep Your Rooms Straight When Packing: While it’s tempting to make sure all your moving boxes are full, don’t fall into the trap of mixing items from different rooms together in the same box. This makes packing quicker and unpacking much easier. It’s also a good idea to clearly label each box with the room it’s headed for and a brief description of the contents.

Take Pictures of Tech: Before you disconnect the wide-screen TV and your PCs, take a quick cell phone photo of the connections. This will save a lot of time when you reach your new home and help avoid frustrating calls to tech support.

Pack a Go Bag with Essential Items: A duffle bag or suitcase with items you’ll need to easily access during the move can be a lifesaver. Important documents, medications, phone/computer chargers as well as toiletries and a change of clothes will help you stay organized and a little more in control of the move. Don’t forget anything you might need for a small child or the family pets.

moving checklistCreate a Box of Packing Supplies: Throughout the packing process, one thing you’ll hear a lot is “Where’s the tape gun?” That’s why it’s smart to put together a box of packing supplies such as packing tape and Ziploc bags. Keep the box handy until you turn the key in the door to leave because there’s always a box that needs tape or something that needs packing. At Frontrunner Moving, we can supply packing materials if you’re ready to tackle the job yourself – but a great option is to have our experienced team do the packing for you. We guarantee that all items are packed safely, and boxes are clearly labeled and handled with care.

Do a Final Walkthrough: Once the moving is done and the truck is loaded, take a few minutes to walk through each room and check cabinets, and closets and even the shed. Once you’ve left getting an item that you forgot can be difficult. For renters, it’s also a good idea to take some pictures on your cell phone to show there was no damage when you left.

Prioritize How You Unpack: Phew! Hopefully, you and all your stuff made it to your new home successfully. Now it’s time to handle a house full of boxes that you hopefully organized and labeled when you packed them. Start with the beds so you’ve got somewhere to sleep followed by the main bathroom and then the kitchen. Once these are wrapped up tackle the rooms you use most often like the living room or office. Things such as décor and outdoor areas can wait until you’ve got the busy parts of the house under control.

At Frontrunner Moving Company, we offer premium moving and packing services in Saratoga, Queensbury, Lake George, and beyond. From junk removal to expert packing, to on-time delivery we can handle every aspect of your next move. Contact us today for a free, accurate estimate and to learn more about our comprehensive services.