Need a Quality Junk Removal Service

It’s not hard to find a junk removal service in Glens Falls. The challenge is finding one that’s going to get the job done well, in a reasonable timeframe, and give you a fair price for the job.

Here are seven key things to look for when considering hiring a junk removal service in Glens Falls that will help you make the right choice.

Quick turnaround time

If a company can’t accommodate you in a reasonable timeframe, it’s best to contact someone else. Depending on the size of the job, a junk removal company should be able to give you an estimate and have that junk out of your life within a few days. If you’re calling Frontrunner, we know you want the job completed on time, quickly, and without a mess left behind.

The right tools and equipment

Any junk removal company, especially the good ones, should already have the tools and equipment to get the job done well.

Frontrunner can handle everything from hauling away a mattress to cleaning out an entire home full of junk items. Our team is made up of seasoned movers who have the experience and gear to maneuver even the heaviest of junk out of your home, garage, or yard without leaving a trace.

Responsible junk disposal, recycling

Quality junk removal companies will be transparent regarding how they dispose of items and have a working relationship with local recycling centers and nonprofit organizations. This ensures that there’s a focus on being eco-friendly. At Frontrunner, our team makes sure junk gets disposed of responsibly. We recycle, donate, and strive to be as environmentally accountable as possible.

Accurate estimates, fair pricing

A junk removal company’s fee schedule should be simple to understand. Some base prices on the space used in the truck while others use weight or a flat hourly rate. All of Frontrunner’s estimates are accurate and free. We don’t believe in tacking on hidden fees or charges, so you’ll always pay the price you were quoted.

Know what items the company will remove

A good junk removal company should be able to handle just about any type of junk or construction debris. When toxic items are involved, you may need a more specialized firm that’s licensed to dispose of things such as paint, chemicals, or pesticides.

At Frontrunner, we’re pros at removing:

Old furniture.
Broken appliances.
Scrap Metal.
Bulk trash.

Good references, reviews

Once you’ve decided on a junk removal company make sure you ask about their qualifications and references before signing on the dotted line. You can read online reviews and speak with customers the company has serviced. Frontrunner is happy to provide potential clients with references and our reviews are stellar. We’re more than qualified to handle any junk removal project that comes our way.

Customer service is a priority

When you call a junk removal company to ask questions or schedule an estimate, your initial interaction with them speaks volumes. Poor, unprofessional communication over the telephone is generally a red flag that this company doesn’t put a premium on customer service. Conversely, speaking with knowledgeable, friendly staff is a great sign of a solid company. Frontrunner’s professional team focuses on customer service to ensure that clients get the best service possible.

We strive to provide clients with high-quality junk removal services at a fair price

Contact us today for a free, accurate estimate and our team can get the junk you’re tired of dealing with out of your life for good.

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Broken Appliances


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Bulk Trash

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